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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Romney, Another Jefferson?

I've heard in the past week people trying to equate the Romney-scenario to that of President Thomas Jefferson, also a non-Christian. A few comments might be in order (and more are in the coms-box two posts ago). Jefferson was not a cult leader. And although he showed himself in the end to be apostate - Thomas Jefferson did not mistake Satan's voice for Christ's. That is the material point.

Mitt Romney not only rejects Christ's testimony of himself; he confuses Satan's testimony for it. When the presidential candidate reads the writings of false prophet Joseph Smith, Romney believes he is hearing the word of the Lord.

The point stands. These are indeed unchartered waters, completely
unprecedented in the history of the United States. (see two posts below) Free Website Counter


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that Obama is more like Jefferson than Romney? Jefferson professed Christ and yet his comments and actions called into question his faith. In the same way, Obama's beliefs do seem to call into question his faith. Although, of course, I am not his judge. But neither are preaching another gospel and believing another authority other than God's revealed word like Romeny.

Reformed Apologist said...

Do I think Obama is more like Jefferson than Romney (is like Jefferson)? Or, are you asking whether I think Obama is more like Jefferson than he (Obama) is like Romney? I suppose you mean the former.

Obama, from a creedal standpoint, can be considered a Christian (as far as I can tell). And although his actions might cast doubt upon that profession, I don't see them as excommunicable offenses, at least not without direct ecclesiastical confrontation in order to flesh things out a bit more. In that sense, he is like Jefferson. Whereas as Romney is clearly not anything close to Jefferson, for Romney purports a false gospel in his profession of faith.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I meant the former!

I so appreciate all you're doing and for being a clear trumpet on the wall.

Reformed Apologist said...

I appreciate that.

Chuck said...

They're both so far from Jefferson, it's a pointless exercise. Who is more like LeBron James: Reformed Apologist, Anonymous, or Chuck?

Obama doesn't have a credible profession of faith. He preaches heresy in every speech.

Reformed Apologist said...


I think you might have a skewed view of doctrinal heresy and maybe a sectarian take on what constitutes (and undermines) a credible profession of faith. Maybe your political views are clouding your ecclesiology and soteriology?