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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Mind Matters

Apart from saturating one’s mind with the persons and works of God, how does one expect to live his life in accordance with who God is and what he has done for us in Christ? Certainly one with less understanding can be more sanctified than another with more, but how is grace bestowed an excuse for theological complacency?

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Joshua said...

To quote a contemporary "theologian" of the masses (Jewel):

"Follow your heart
Your intuition
It will lead you in the right direction
Let go of your mind
Your Intuition
Is easy to find
Just follow your heart baby"

Ronald W. Di Giacomo said...

"Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream

It is not dying, it is not dying

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
It is shining, it is shining

Yet you may see the meaning of within
It is being, it is being

Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing

And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
It is believing, it is believing

But listen to the colour of your dreams
It is not leaving, it is not leaving"

John Lennon

Mark said...

What? Me worry?

A.E. Newman
Modern Evangelical Theologian

Anonymous said...

Maybe a more important question;Who's writing of theology is saturating one's mind and soul?

Anonymous said...

Someone can take that a couple of ways. Is there no good theology in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Wow...what a loaded question...I'll let Marty say something..." I have no pleasure in any man who despises music. It is no invention of ours:It is a gift of God. I place it next to theology. Satan hates music: he knows how it drives the evil spirit out of us. "-Martin Luther
Anonymous 1

Bret L. McAtee said...

Dumb people are an advantage to the elite for dumb people make good slaves.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious or just being a typical sarcastic,reformed,smug son of thunder?

Bret L. McAtee said...


I'm as typical as they come.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is not bliss.